Monday, July 23, 2007

Lisa's initial rambling's

Welcome All!
With Lauren and Cathy's inspiration, am continuing the brilliant legacy of blogging our way to Bookclub success. Will be using this site, in conjunction with the Meetup page to provide input and list the suggestions of our noble crew.

To start, for clarity sake, I have misguided and misled you...sorta :-). We, the Cambridge crew (hm, I like that) will be running as our own entity, free to chose the books, times and places we please in embarking upon our literary adventures. Our noble Czar's wisdom (kudos to Cathy!!) allows for folks to both stick to a neighborhood, but venture out if the book being read that week doesn't strike their fancy. The more neighborhoods we reel in, the more selections per month to chose from. Brilliant, I say, just brilliant!

I think the suggestion for meeting every three weeks is a great one. My thoughts had been that we post the book as well as the dates well in advance so folks can plan their schedules and their reading material appropriately. Besides, if a book doesn't strike ones fancy, there's a new one right around the corner to get started on. This would certainly mean we'd be out of synch with the other neighborhoods (currently Brookline, hoping for more), but might also allow for folks to get in on a club meeting the week before or after if schedule conflicts exist for said meeting.

You have noticed the poll that exists for the Brookline group out of the list they generated at their meetup. Kristin has already provided me with a bunch more suggestions (Right on! Keep them coming!! I'll get them up here), and am not ashamed or too proud to beg for more. Would love for you guys to decide how you wish the books for our group to be chosen. My thoughts had been to offer reading on pretty much everything suggested, in order of suggestion to keep the reading material coming.
Other option would be posting a poll of the suggestions that will allow folks to indicate their interest, and make sure we have at least 3 votes per book to have it included. Would allow (and depend upon) your involvement which always makes us organizational folks much happier and more confident in suggesting our next moves.
And finally, folks can always just post their comments about said book on the blog where the list will be kept, or inform me of their interest etc. Might be harder to tally interest based on individual responses, but I'm game for trying anything.

Add to the book decisions, location decisions. Smile Thai was a great environment for discussion...not too noisy, well lit, all that red paint to make us hungry :-). However, if folks wish to use their meetups as a means to explore resturants in the area, I'd love to try it. Suggestions are always welcome, as the nature of Cambridge has changed since it was my stomping grounds, and we may occasionally hit some duds, but I'm all for exploring and checking new places out.

One can always email me from the website with suggestions, comments, questions. Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Will get the calender up and running this week, so check back in.